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Assisi Calmer Canine Device

By Calmer Canine
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Size: 5" Device

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Product Description
If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and you don't want to use drugs to help them, check out Assisi's Calmer Canine Device. The Calmer Canine Device uses a pulsed electromagnetic field to cure your dog's separation anxiety. It's battery-operated (and includes a new battery), sensation-free, effective, and safe, and it has long-lasting benefits. If your dog is troubled by the sound of hook-and-loop closures or is simply not a lover of clothing, this Calmer Canine gadget without the convenience vest may be the correct choice for you. It may be kept in place during the 15-minute treatment sessions. Small or medium dog breeds may wear a 5" collar, whereas huge and giant breed canines can wear a 7" collar. *Does not include the convenience vest, which is utilized to provide hands-free therapy. Separately, a convenience vest and bundles containing a device and vest are available.
Who is Assisi Calmer Canine Device for?
Why use Assisi Calmer Canine Device?
Product Benefits: Effective as part of a comprehensive treatment plan (alongside medications and other treatments) or as a stand-alone Well-tolerated therapy is sensation-free and gentle Also helpful for other types of anxiety, including general, stranger and travel anxiety, noise sensitivity, and thunder phobia Provides long-lasting results, which are proven to last after treatment discontinuation in most dogs (when treating a moderate to severe case). Results last between sessions and throughout the day. Improves the quality of life, including increasing the time your dog spends resting, grooming, and playing when he or she is at home alone Significantly diminishes CSA symptoms, including pacing and obsessively looking out doors and windows, panting, house-soiling, destruction, howling, barking
How does Assisi Calmer Canine Device work?
Anxiety and brain inflammation are linked in a significant way, according to science. Anxious brains are  out of balance, releasing toxic compounds that cause cell death and inflammation due to hyperactive brain cells. Calmer Canine stimulates the ability of the dog's own brain's to produce beneficial "feel good" chemicals (like endorphins) and reduce inflammation by using a specially-tuned microcurrent signal from the device above the dog's head, restoring natural balance and calming your dog. Calmer Canine's therapy, which is based on FDA-approved technology that is now being used to treat people with ADHD, depression, and anxiety, is far more appealing than alternative therapies that don't last, such as drugs with undesirable "dopey dog" side effects.
Assisi Animal Health
How is Assisi Calmer Canine Device sold?
5” device (for small & medium-sized dog breeds) or 7” device (for large & giant dog breeds). *The vest or bundle of calmer device + vest can be purchased separately.
What are the side effects of Assisi Calmer Canine Device?
There are no currently known side effects from this product.
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from children.
How can I store Assisi Calmer Canine Device?
Store in non-humid environment between 3°F (-16°C) and 104°F (47°C)
1) Place the device over your dog's head or use a Calmer Canine convenience vest to keep it in place. Hold the device over your dog's head if he or she isn't wearing the vest. 2) To turn on the device, press the power button. A blinking blue light will indicate that the device is turned on. 3) The device will stay on for 15 minutes before turning off on its own. 4) Repeat treatment twice a day for 6 weeks.
Main Ingredients
5” device (for small & medium-sized dog breeds) or 7” device (for large & giant dog breeds). *The vest or bundle of calmer device + vest can be purchased separately.