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AlphaTrak Lancet Device

By AlphaTrak
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Product Description
The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device makes extracting small amounts of capillary blood to test your diabetic dog or cat's glucose levels simple, quick, and precise. This simple instrument, designed specifically for diabetic dogs, provides precise monitoring of glucose levels at home or in the veterinarian's office.
Who is AlphaTrak Lancet Device for?
Dogs and cats.
Why use AlphaTrak Lancet Device?
The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device makes it simple to obtain capillary blood samples for glucose testing of diabetic cats and dogs.
How does AlphaTrak Lancet Device work?
The AlphaTRAK Lancet Device is a conveniently adjustable device, which allows you to puncture to the appropriate depth. It was created with the goal of allowing testing sites to be more flexible. The depth-setting cap may also be replaced with a clear cap to improve testing area visualization.
Abbott Labs
How is AlphaTrak Lancet Device sold?
***Strips NOT included****
What special precautions are there?
Not intended to be shared. Lancets are single-use. Sterile lancets should be used to administer each dose.
How can I store AlphaTrak Lancet Device?
Keep stored in a cool and dry environment
Helpful Tips:
This gadget is made to work with Zoetis' AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
Blood Sampling Procedure: 1) Get a lancet and a lancing instrument together. 2) Wash your hands well with warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry thoroughly. 3) Twist the cap off the lancing instrument to remove it. 4) Replace the lancet in the holder. Push down until the lancet is firmly in place and the device comes to a full halt. 5) Twist the safety tab loose and remove it from the lancet. Set the tab aside for appropriate lancet disposal. 6) Carefully replace the cap to avoid needle contact. Make sure the cap is securely fastened to the device. 7) To select the penetration depth, rotate the depth adjustment cap. Start with the medium option. If this setting doesn't yield enough blood, spin the cap to the longest marker to select a deeper setting, then try again. If the medium setting does not yield a sufficient blood sample, try a shallower setting that may yield a sufficient amount while causing less discomfort to the animal. 8) If you want to improve the visibility of the testing location, you can replace the depth setting cap with a transparent cover. When the transparent cover is in place, you may increase the puncture depth by applying more pressure to the testing location. 9) Pull the charger to reset the gadget. A clicking sound may be heard. 10) Make sure the testing area is clean and dry before beginning. Choose an area that is well-lit and comfortable for both you and your pet. 11) Massage and warm the testing spot to promote healthy blood flow. 12) Place the lancing device against the testing site (with the transparent or depth adjustment lid connected). To acquire a blood sample, press the release button. Apply steady pressure to the location if you're using the clear cap to assist a blood drop develop. 13) Proceed to the drop using the AlphaTRAK test strip and meter. Touch one side of the strip to the sample with a gentle touch. On the thin side of the strip, the sample should make contact with the black rectangular region. The material will then be drawn into the strip via capillary action. 14) Remove the device cap using a twisting motion. 15) Place the lancet safety tab on a firm surface and gently insert the lancet tip into the tab to avoid an inadvertent needle stick. 16) Press the release button to gain access to the covered lancet. Remove the lancet from its holder and place it in a sharps container that has been authorized. 17) Replace the cap to avoid losing it. Using water and a light detergent, thoroughly clean the whole item. Isopropyl alcohol or bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) can alternatively be used to clean the device. Before and after each use, thoroughly wash and dry the gadget.